Empty Columns&Plates For Nucleic Acid Extraction

Empty column for nucleic acid extraction(DNA small/medium/large column) is assembled by outer tube + inner tube + compression ring. It is used for pretreatment of DNA after filled with silica,such as genome, chromosome, plasmids, PCR products, plastic recycling products, RNA and other biological samples, to achieve the separation, extraction, purification and enrichment of target products.

The filter/extract column is assembled from the filter tube and the extraction column. The filter tube is processed by filter paper and is used for solid liquid separation,solid impurities such as cell debris, particulate matter filtration; The extraction column is equipped with solid phase extraction filler for the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and enrichment.

24/96/384 well nucleic acid extraction plate is a high – flux nucleic acid extraction and separation of the supporting materials, mainly used for primer desalination, enrichment, nucleic acid extraction and separation and other work. It can conveniently and quickly dispose of 24,96 and 384 biological samples, which will serve as the purpose of the separation, extraction, concentration, desalination, purification and recovery of 24/96/384 biological samples.

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