T2-Toxin Affinity Chromatography Cartridge&Plates

The purification principle of T2 toxin detection special column is the immune response between antigen antibody. Contain detect  T2 toxin monoclonal antibody was fixed to the column of solid phase support, samples containing T2 toxin extract special column by T2 toxin detection, can combine with antibodies, form the antigen-antibody complexes, after water washed out to go unless the target material. Finally, eluting with eluent, collect eluting fluid, use HPLC to detect the content of T2 toxin.

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T2 toxins are a kind of mycotoxin produced by a variety of sickle bacteria.The main pollution of large wheat, corn and other food crops and their products constitute a great harm to human health and animal husbandry. T2 toxin mainly affects the blood, liver, kidney, pancreas, muscle and lymphocyte function, T2 toxin poisoning after general performance for anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, the stagnation of production, such as nerve dysfunction, in serious cases, even life threatening.So, testing is also critical.

B&M T2 toxin detection special column series mainly is T2 toxin immune affinity testing special column.This column can selectively adsorb the T2 toxin in the sample solution, so as to make a specific purification effect, the sample can be tested directly by HPLC after the column is purified.

Soil; Body fluid (plasma /urine); Food, etc.
Typical Applications
Used for purification of T2 toxins in samples with
complex matrix and low limit requirements.Quantitative
analysis of TLC/HPLC/GC/lc-ms/EIA;
Used for testing T2 toxins in food and feed samples such
as grains, snacks, nuts and infants

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T2 toxins detection Cartridge Cartridge 1mL


T2 toxins detection Cartridge   3mL


Empty column for affinity chromatography   1mL,Two pieces of hydrophilic Frits


Empty column for affinity chromatography   3mL,Two pieces of hydrophilic Frits



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