Zearalenone Affinity Chromatography Cartridge&Plates

The purification principle of the special column for the detection of red mildew is an immune response between antigens. Monoclonal antibodies containing the detection of gibberenone were fixed in the solid phase support of the detection column. The sample extract containing the corn gibberenone was used to detect the special column by the corn gibberenone, which was combined with the antibody to form the antigen antibody complex and then washed with water to go to the target material. In the end, eluting with eluting liquid, collecting eluting fluid, using HPLC to detect the content of gibberenone.

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Zearalenone(ZEA/ZEN), also known as f-2 toxin, is a metabolite of corn gibberellin, which has a strong reproductive toxicity and teratogenic effect. It can cause the animal to take the oestrogen, causes the animal to infertile or abortion, the influence to the poultry, pig, the cow and the sheep is bigger, brings big economic loss to the animal husbandry. The consequences of straying into the human body can be serious, so testing is crucial.

The series of B&M corn gibberenone test series mainly is the F-2 toxin immune affinity detection special column. The column can selectively adsorb the F-2 toxin in the sample solution, thus the purification effect of the column can be targeted, and the sample can be tested directly by HPLC after the column is purified

Cereals; feed; food; drinks, etc.
Typical Applications
It is used to purify the corn gibberenone in the complex
matrix and the low limit of the sample.Quantitative
analysis of TLC/HPLC/GC/lc-ms/EIA;
Qualitative and quantitative determination of the
residual amount of gibberenone in cereal, beer and feed

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Zearalenone detection Cartridge Cartridge 1mL


Zearalenone detection Cartridge   3mL


Empty column for affinity chromatography   1mL,Two pieces of hydrophilic Frits


Empty column for affinity chromatography   3mL,Two pieces of hydrophilic Frits



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