Our core philosophy

1, the soul of the enterprise: baimai, the nation, the world

2. Enterprise tenet: honesty and quality first

3. Enterprise spirit: the eternal myth -- the eternal chivalry, sincere to letter, unswerving

4. Enterprise philosophy: develop science and technology to benefit human health

5. Corporate policy: be good at profession and honesty

6. Enterprise style: rigorous, pragmatic and efficient

7. Corporate slogan: unswervingly committed to the cause of human health

8. Corporate vision: create the model of life science and establish the brand of centennial

9. Corporate goal: to build the most valuable cross-field enterprise in life science, biomedicine and automation equipment in China!

Our management philosophy

1. Concept of employing people: people-oriented and harmonious development

2. Communication concept: unlimited creation through seamless communication

3. Cooperation concept: unity and cooperation by learning from others

4. Decision-making concept: we can pool the wisdom of the masses and make the final decision

5, implementation concept: unswervingly timely feedback

6. System concept: no rules, no standards

7. Reward concept: fairness and justice reflect value

Our business philosophy

1. Innovation concept: scientific and technological innovation is the core of all innovation. We innovate ourselves every day and pursue innovation all the time

2. Production philosophy: standardize and efficiently complete details

3. Development philosophy: innovation, change, competition and progress

4, quality concept: first plastic character and then plastic product quality supremacy for excellence

5. Cost concept: save resources with high efficiency and low consumption

6. Service philosophy: excellence and sincerity in pursuit of excellence

7, competition concept: leading step by step to win

8. Environmental protection concept: science and technology create green and pass health

9, the concept of confidentiality: tight-lipped defensive city

Our philosophy of humanity

1. Baimai home: "baimai family" -- respect, care and sharing

2. Learning concept: keep learning to put it into practice

The way to treat friends: sincere to forever

|QuEChERS| nucleic acid extraction | reagent consumption | filtration equipment | technology service (OEM/ODM) -BM Life Science, Embodying Transboundary Value

Baimai life science (national high-tech enterprise GR201844205139), based on the field of life science, biomedicine and automatic instrument and equipment, looks forward to the future, with lofty aspirations!

To "build China's life science, biological medicine and automation equipment across the most valuable in the field of enterprise" as the vision, the company set foot in instrument manufacturing, mold nc, injection molding, electrical components, photoelectric tracking, software development, life science and biological medicine product research and development and application, and other interdisciplinary fields, in the field of cross-regional interdisciplinary crossover through the bridge or link between the role, give full play to their own advantages, at the same time of crossover, wholeheartedly for the China's life sciences and biomedicine field contribute their wisdom and strength! In assisting customers to realize their own value at the same time, to achieve the social value of baimai life science!