Other Customized Services

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BM Life Science specialised in instruments manufacturing, mold CNC, injection molding, electrical components, photoelectric tracking, software development, life science and biological medicine product research and development and  application, and other interdisciplinary fields. we are dedicated ourselves to China's life sciences and biomedicine industry, contributing our wisdom and strength by giving our own advantages to play the roles of crossover and bridge or  link in cross-regional interdisciplinary field !

BM life science is based on the mature SPE/QuEChERS/Nucleic Acid Extraction product line and production platform, and carries out various bio-instruments, mold design, injection Products,Plastic Products,Filtering Parts,Tools&Parts,and Other customized Products OEM/ODM services.

BM Life Scienceprovide:
OEM/ODM For Sample Prep instruments;
OEM/ODM For bio-instruments;
R&D For injection mold;
OEM/ODM For injection Products;
OEM/ODM For Plastic Products;
OEM/ODM For Filtering Parts;
OEM/ODM For Reagent Filters&Frits&Filters&Membrane;
OEM/ODM For Tools&Parts
OEM/ODM For Other customized services.
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