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BM Life ScienceEach series of SPE tubes adopt medical grade polypropylene injection molding; The sieve plate is made of ultra-pure ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, Various models are available; Packing is global sourced, and through authoritative organization evaluation, quality trustworthy; Production of all level clean workshop, standardized production process, whole ERP management, product quality traceability; Product specifications are diversified to meet customers' different needs;  All the products of the company are personalized and customized to enable customers to enjoy a more high-quality one-stop service.

The SPE series product features of BM Life Science

Technical advantages:
★ Some SPE filler research and production technology with independent intellectual property rights, SPE loading (powder distribution, filling, packing) is completely automated.
★ Relying on the mould CNC injection molding industry concentration of the pearl river delta unique advantages, Resource integration and efficient utilization, doubling the production capacity of the SPE string, the cost of molding injection is halved, the quality of the product has been greatly improved.
★ The company has a unique ultra - micro – size to large-size  powder distribution technology. Powder distribution is completely automated, quantitative and scale, and product batches are more stable.
★ Hundreds of millions of screen, filter core development and production capacity, the production cost of SPE is minimized.
★ SPE sieve plate is completely independent, its diameter, thickness and pore diameter can be freely selected, any combination.
★ The company focuses on technical innovation and continuous improvement, especially the Tip SPE with independent intellectual property rights. The company focuses on technical innovation and continuous improvement, especially the Tip SPE no sieve plate Mosaic SPE, 96&384 orifice SPE with independent intellectual property rights.  It has filled the domestic gap and reached the world class level, which embodies the unique advantages of the life sciences in the SPE field.

Product advantages:
★ It is easy to operate and can achieve excellent velocity range and repeatability in natural gravity.
★ Need not use solid phase extraction instrument and vacuum equipment, can greatly save the instrument and consumables cost.
★ The packing is clean and there is no blank background interference.
★ The recovery rate is high, and the recovery rate of add the sample 10~100ppm is the best range of 95%~105%.
★ The adsorption capacity is larger than other domestic SPE column brands.
★ Product quality is stable, good reproducibility, load relative standard deviation (RSD) < 5%.
★ No fear of the stem.The stem column and not stem column  are the same in the error range, the relative standard deviation (RSD) < 0.05%.
★ With Waters/Agilent/Supelco/Phenomenex products completely in the same quality level.
★ Our products are among the most cost-effective products in the world.
Application scope:
★ Widely used in soil;Oil;Body fluids (plasma/urine etc.);Food and other aspects.
Quality commitment:
★ We ensure that every product is qualified, adopt strict quality control standard and carry out every batch inspection.
★ Ensure that every product has no blank interference, and the sample recovery rate is superior to that of the state, reaching the highest level of the same kind of products.
Service commitment:
★ Provide professional technical support for free

Polymer matrix series SPE 

With spherical polymer as adsorbent, the filling particle size is better and the SPE column velocity is more stable. Laboratory classical polymer application column, whole series products have been widely used for food testing.The product is equivalent to the HLB, MAX and MCX of Waters.

Silicone matrix series SPE

The classic silicone stromal SPE column, unshaped/ball absorbent, is trusted by customers with high cost performance and good user experience.Whole products have been widely used in chemical analysis.

Tip extraction/purification/enrichment of SPE

It is a Tip SPE that USES a pipe-shifter to extract/purify a biological sample or a product of the product. A C4/C18/ silica powder/magnetic bead/ProtingA (G) agarose gel and other filler are added to the top of the pipe-head, Using filter/extraction/desalting/desalt/concentration of the target products, such as primers/genomic DNA/plasmid/PCR products/polypeptide/protein/antibody, etc.

96/384 orifice series SPE

The 96/384 orifice series SPE was developed for pretreatment of high fluxes. The whole sample pretreatment process can be completed with the company orifice filter or automatic workstation.

Special test series SPE 

Azo dye special detection column: select ultra-pure diatomite filler; Special sieve plate flow control technology, through domestic and foreign authoritative testing, OEM supply.

In addition, there are graphite carbon black, acid alkali neutral alumina, coconut shell activated carbon, honey detection column, leather decolorizing column...Please refer to the SPE column for more SPE products.

Solid phase extraction column packing selection

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