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We are a integrated high-tech company focusing on R & D, manufacturing, marketing and technical consulting service for life science, biomedical related instruments, biochemical reagents, chemical products, testing reagents, diagnostic  reagents, biochemical laboratory reagent consumables, filtration equipments, etc.

BM Life Science, headquartered in Shenzhen, with two factories in Dongguan and one R & D center self-owned, is offering as many as 1200 products and services for the moment, which is widely applied in life sciences and biomedicine  enterprises at home and abroad, servicing and highly praised by related scientific research institutes and customers around the globe.

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The manufacture of inventive mind *The light of domestic goods

BM Life Science is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise serving in one, is a research, development, production, sales and technical consultation in the field of life science and biomedicine, automation equipment, reagents consumables, and filter materials.

B&m Life Sciences - Innovative tools for biochemical laboratory reagent consumables and filter materials

  • In vitro diagnostic reagents and consumables
  • Sample pretreatment
  • Automatic intelligent equipment
  • Filtering Parts/Industrial Filters
  • Technical service

BM Life Sciences, a series of in vitro diagnostic reagents and consumables, including forensic individual identification kits (identification), multiplex fluorescent PCR detection kits, SNP multi-site detection kits, multiplex respiratory virus detection kits, and multiplex enterovirus detection Test kits, drug (new essence) rapid detection kits, food safety rapid detection kits, personalized diagnosis and treatment and medication kits, nucleic acid extraction kits and their supporting various nucleic acid extraction columns/plates, PCR tubes/plates, etc. Supplies. It is a true innovator of overall solutions for sample preprocessing and detection!

  • Microporous Membranes
  • Diagnostic laboratory products
  • Diagnostic laboratory products
  • PCR series consumables

BM Life Sciences, sample pretreatment series products, including: nucleic acid extraction column/plate, solid phase extraction (SPE), liquid-liquid extraction (SLE), affinity chromatography (AC), dispersive solid phase extraction (QuEChERS) series products , made with ingenuity and unique characteristics, has the characteristics of the most complete specifications, the best orifice plate, and the highest cost performance. The production is fully automated, large-scale, and batch-oriented! Become an innovator in cost-effective products and overall solutions in the industry!

  • Cell Culture
  • Serum Pipet
  • QuEChERS series
  • SPE series

The purpose of BM Life Sciences, founded in the fields of life sciences, biomedical industrialization, automation, and intelligent technology: to introduce automated instruments and equipment into the fields of life sciences and biomedicine, and to relieve a large number of highly educated people from arduous and repetitive work They are freed from it, allowing them to devote most of their energy to endless research and development for more thinking and research. The company is involved in many interdisciplinary fields such as instrument manufacturing, mold CNC, polymer materials, functional films, injection molding, electrical components, photoelectric tracking, software development, life science/biomedical product development and application, etc. The company acts as a bridge or link between cross-regional, cross-disciplinary and cross-border fields, giving full play to its own advantages and wholeheartedly contributing its wisdom and strength to China's life sciences and biomedicine fields.

  • G25 preloaded column series
  • G25 preloaded column series
  • Fungaltoxin multifunctional purification Cartridges series
  • Pipette Tip

BM Life Sciences offers a range of filter equipment products, including tip filters, pipette filters, antigen tube filters, conductive filters, dual-color filters, tricolor filters, water-activated sealing filters (anti-spill filters), spherical filters, irregular filters, pick-and-place machine filters, silencer filters, dissolution tester filters, reagent filtration filters, industrial filters...hydrophobic frit, hydrophilic frit, SPE Cartridges frit, Flash column frit, spherical frit, square frit, irregular frit, and custom frit and so on. Our product lineup is comprehensive, and we also accept personalized customization from customers.

  • Solid phase extraction series
  • reagent consumables series
  • filtering accessory series
  • Sample Vials

Dongguan Factory, Guangdong: Mainly provides nucleic acid extraction columns/plates, solid phase extraction (SPE), liquid-liquid extraction (SLE), affinity chromatography (AC), dispersive solid phase extraction (QuEChERS), and antigen/antibody colloidal gold detection kits ODM/OEM services for spare parts, filtering equipment, and automated intelligent instrument and equipment series products; Jiangsu Taizhou Factory: Mainly provides ODM/OEM of in vitro diagnostic reagents such as nucleic acid extraction kits, nucleic acid detection kits, drug (neozoology) rapid detection kits, food safety rapid detection kits, personalized diagnosis and treatment and medication kits, etc. Technology development and project cooperation services.

Shenzhen BM Life Science Co.,Ltd.

  • R & D team

    We have outstanding domestic R&D talents and rich R&D experience in life sciences, biomedicine, instrumentation and equipment, automation technology, mechanical electronics, hardware and software, optical fluids, modeling design, etc. There are more than 10 R&D personnel with rich project experience.
  • Quality promise

    Ensure that every product is of high quality and qualified, adopt strict quality control standards, and implement batch-to-batch inspections. Ensure that every product has no blank interference, and the sample recovery rate is better than national regulations and reaches the highest level of similar products.
  • Industry Experience

    We have many years of experience in biomacromolecule synthesis (DNA, RNA, Gene, Peptide, Antibody), nucleic acid extraction, gene sequencing, molecular diagnosis, immunodiagnosis, personalized diagnosis, treatment and medication in the field of life sciences, and have a variety of Mature products are introduced to the market.
  • After-sales service

    Shenzhen BM Life Science Co.,Ltd. Has attentive service:7*24 customer service 20 professional and well-trained sales Quickly response your inquiries within 60 minutes On-site service if necessary.



  • Aiershi
    The quality and performance of BM Life Science-related products are comparable to imported products, realizing domestic substitution. In particular, the product diameter tolerance can be controlled within ±0.025mm, the thickness tolerance can be controlled within ±0.05mm, and the air resistance tolerance can be controlled within ±20mmH2O. This quality standard has reached the world's first-class level, far exceeding the industry standard: diameter ±0.05mm. , the industry tolerance standard of thickness ± 0.2mm.
  • Huateng
    The quality and performance of BM life science-related products are comparable to imported products, realizing domestic substitution. Every time our company places an order, we require Bureau Veritas, a third-party international certification agency, to conduct third-party testing on all shipped products of BM Life Sciences. The test results are all qualified, and the product quality has also been recognized by international customers. The company's product quality is worthy of Trust
  • Oleg
    The 384-well DNA synthesis plate provided by Shenzhen BM Life Sciences Co., Ltd. meets the needs of trace/ultra-trace gene synthesis in synthetic biology. The synthesized DNA content is as low as 5-50pmol, and the DNA synthesis chain length (up to 120-200bp ), the mutation rate is as low as 0.3%, which is far lower than the industry standard of 1% mutation rate. In particular, the DNA synthesis and gene editing chip with a filter carrier diameter of 0.25mm and a thickness of 0.5mm is the "world's smallest" synthetic carrier.

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For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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