Before the Dragon Boat Festival, BM developed a new product 0.2ml micro volume cryopreservation tube

Dragon Boat Festival is a day full of joy and blessings for Chinese people! Colleagues have made countless efforts for the development of the company in their hard work. Shenzhen BM, with full blessings, will send us a dragon Boat Festival benefit!

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The company distributes Zongzi gift boxes for everyone. Zongzi is a traditional delicacy of the dragon Boat Festival. Giving Zongzi to employees means that everyone can enjoy delicious food and also enjoy the company's sincere care for everyone.Secondly, the company has also prepared laundry detergent and paper towels for everyone. Laundry powder can make everyone's clothes cleaner and more fragrant, while paper drawing can provide a simple cleaning and care for everyone in busy life, allowing us to constantly feel the care of Shenzhen BM for employees in our daily lives.

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In addition, in order to allow everyone to better enjoy the holiday, the factory has specially arranged for everyone to go back and rest for three days. In these three days, you can rest and relax to your heart's content, accompany your family and enjoy the passion and splendor of the Dragon Boat race.

Finally, we wish everyone good memories and full of happiness during this unforgettable time! Let's feel the strong warmth brought by this Dragon Boat Festival together:)

Post time: Jun-21-2024