The Korean office has been established and the Russian branch is under planning

From April 9th to 12th, our factory participated in the Analytica 2024 in Munich, Germany. The address is Trade Fair Center Messe München, Germany: Booth number: A3.138/3. Although this is our first time to participate in a foreign exhibition, we have little experience, but we are full of confidence in Chinese domestic products. We first establish our character and then our product image. Domestic products should be self-reliant! ! !


After The Munich Analytica exhibition, we continued to fly to Russia to participate in the Moscow exhibition. At the Moscow exhibition in Russia, our special projection attracted the attention of peers and viewers. "Ke Qiusha" was always played along with the projection video, which was very Passion! BM Life Sciences decided to include the Russian branch in its development plan. We should have our own Russian branch next year, bringing the good products of BM to the Russian nation, contributing our wisdom and strength to Russian food analysis and biotechnology, and doing our best!


After attending the Moscow exhibition, we went to Korea to visit ICPI WEEK exhibition. A group of Korean friends picked us up and dropped us off in the car. Their company is the general agent of our factory in South Korea. We open factories, do business, protect the interests of employees, and at the same time let customers make money and suppliers make money! We don’t treat suppliers badly, don’t treat customers badly, and never let each other down! The distributors of BM, the agents of BM can rest assured to be the brand agents and distributors of BM Life Sciences! It was you who helped BM when it was growing up. As BM grows up, every drop of kindness should be repaid by a spring. BM hereby promises: Never compete with dealers and agents for end customers!


Post time: May-07-2024