Company Profile

Shenzhen BM Life Science Co.,Ltd.(BM Life Science GR201844205139)

We are a integrated high-tech company focusing on R & D, manufacturing, marketing and technical consulting service for life science, biomedical related instruments, biochemical reagents, chemical products, testing reagents, diagnostic  reagents, biochemical laboratory reagent consumables, filtration equipments, etc.

BM Life Science, headquartered in Shenzhen, with two factories in Dongguan and one R & D center self-owned, is offering as many as 1200 products and services for the moment, which is widely applied in life sciences and biomedicine  enterprises at home and abroad, servicing and highly praised by related scientific research institutes and customers around the globe.

What we are offering:

★ Automation instrument and equipment:

Including automatic centrifuge tube/riser labeling machine series, automatic centrifuge tube/riser labeling + spurt the code machine series, automatic can add centrifugal pipe risermple (powder) liquid marking label series screw cap spurt the code machine, automatic packing column machine/centrifugal column assembly machine series, pipetting, spear cartoning machine series, the public security forensic automatic FTA card/ood filter plate punching machine series, automatic solid-phase extraction equipment series, fully automatic SPE/QuEChERS powder filling packaging machine and 96/384 sample orifice and assistant, 96/384 well plates automatic gas meter...Customer  customization can be accepted for non-standard custom equipment.

★ Sample pretreatment:

 Solid phase extraction (SPE) series, solid phase support liquid extraction (SLE) series and dispersed solid phase extraction (QuEChERS) series.

★ Reagent consumables:

Including Tip SPE series, G25 preloaded column series, DNA/RNA extraction series, filter equipment (Frits/filter/column and other) series, etc.

★ Technical service:

Including DNA&RNA synthetic sequencing related services, STR/SNP analysis appraisal related services, in vitro diagnostic reagents and technical cooperation and project cooperation, SPE cartridge /SPE plate/QuEChERS  OEM/ODM and other personalized custom services, etc.

BM Life Science specialised in instruments manufacturing, mold CNC, injection molding, electrical components, photoelectric tracking, software development, life science and biological medicine product research and development and  application, and other interdisciplinary fields. we are dedicated ourselves to China's life sciences and biomedicine industry, contributing our wisdom and strength by giving our own advantages to play the roles of crossover and bridge or  link in cross-regional interdisciplinary field !

"The sea is wide enough for fish, while the sky is high enough for flying birds", the independent and innovative BM Life Science, will achieve their own "transboundary" with innovative ideas, advanced technology and excellent services,  and realizing the value of ourselves and customers, we will work together with customers for human health, protecting human health.