Honey SPE

Functional GroupSilanol
Mechanism of ActionPositive phase extraction
Particle Size40-75μm
Surface Area480m2/g
Average Pore Size60Å

Product Detail

Product Tags

B&M honey testing special column is the polar extraction column with non-bonded silica gel as adsorbent.The imported material filler is adopted and evaluated through authoritative organization.The column is weakly acidic and has a strong polarity.Used for separating nonpolar, weakly polar compound, oil, etc., especially in similar structures.

Food; Drugs; Drink; Honey, etc.
Typical Applications
Vitamin and food additives and honey testing
Non-polar organic adsorbents, oil and lipid separation
Synthetic organic compounds are separated
Natural products, plant pigments
Japanese JPMHLW official method: pesticide in food

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