Ni-NTA Preloaded Columns&Plates

Packaging material: aluminum foil bag or opaque aluminum foil bag (optional)

Packaging box: neutral label box or BML color box (optional)

LOGO custom: yes

supply mode: OEM/ODM

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Ni-NTA Preloaded Columns&Plates

Detailed product parameters

Product category: Ni-NTA column/plate for protein peptide antibody sample preparation and protein purification

Material:PP+Agarose gel

Column volume: 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 6ml, 12ml and 2ml 96-hole desalination and purification plates

Function: solid phase extraction of protein polypeptide antibody, filtration, adsorption, separation, extraction, purification and concentration of target samples

Specifications: 0.5ml/1ml, 1ml/3ml, 1.5ml/3ml, 1.5ml/5ml, 2.5ml/5ml, 2ml/6ml, 3ml/6ml, 4ml/12ml, 6ml/12ml, 0.4ml×96, 0.8ml×96

Packaging :25 pieces /1ml, 20 pieces /3ml, 30 pieces /6ml, 20 pieces /12ml, 5 pieces/box of medium chromatography column, 1 piece/pack of 96-hole desalination and purification plate

Packaging material: aluminum foil bag or opaque aluminum foil bag (optional)

Packaging box: neutral label box or BML color box (optional)

LOGO custom: yes

supply mode: OEM/ODM


 Product description

BM life science Ni-NTA column was purified by protein affinity chromatography with agarose as crosslinking medium.The purification principle is to purify target protein with tag by using the specific binding property between nickel ions chelated on NTA and tag.This method is simple to operate, large amount of purification, easy to large-scale purification of required proteins.

Nickel chloride in Ni column can be bound to the protein with his (histone) label. After binding, natural target protein can be obtained by imidazole elution.Packing parameters of Ni column in hundred mile life science.


Substrate: 4% or 6% cross-linked agarose;

Average particle size: 90um(45-165um);Storage solution: 20% ethanol solution;

PH stability: 2-12;

Resistant denaturants: 6M guanidine hydrochloride and 8M urea;

Withstand pressure: < 0.3mpa, 0.1mpa is recommended;

Adsorption: >20mg(27kDa) protein /ml;

Storage conditions: 2-8.

BM life science Ni preloaded column provides products of 5 specifications, including 1, 3, 5, 6 and 12ml. 1ml and 5ml are pre-loaded columns of medium pressure chromatography, which can make full use of the advantages of the medium pressure liquid phase purification system for rapid and efficient desalination and purification of biological macromolecules.


Product features:

various specifications: 1/3/6/12ml for syringe, 1/5ml for medium chromatography column;

high tolerance pressure: medium pressure chromatography pre-installed column tolerance pressure up to 0.6mpa (6 bar, 87 psi);

easy to use: ruer interface, can be used in series to increase sample loading, can also be connected to syringe and peristaltic pump, can also be directly connected KTA, Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters and other liquid phase purification systems;

widely used: purified nucleic acid, antibodies, labeled protein, protein desalination.

Order Information

Cat No.              color                             description                     specification (ml)  packing

PNI001-1   red/green                 NI medium pressure chromatography pre-installed column       1         5 / box

PNI001-2   transparent tube/red cover   NI syringe type preloaded column                           1        25 / box

PNI003-1   transparent tube/red cover   NI syringe type pre-loaded column                          3        20 / box

PNI005-1   red/green                 NI medium chromatography pre-installed column              5        5 / box

PNI006-1   transparent tube/red cap     NI syringe type pre-loaded column                          6        30 / box

PNI012-1   transparent tube/red cover   NI syringe type pre-loaded column                          12       20 / box




BM Life Science, all series of SPE column tubes are made of medical-grade polypropylene injection molding;The sieve plate is sintered with ultra-pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.sorbents purchased globally, and through authoritative evaluation, quality is trustworthy;10,000 grade clean workshop production, standardized production process, ERP management, product quality traceability;diverse product specifications to meet customer needs;all our products are customized to enable customers to enjoy higher quality one-stop service.


Features of BM Life Science SPE series products

Technical advantages:

Some SPE sorbents research and development and production technology with independent intellectual property rights, SPE loading (powder distribution, loading, packaging) is fully automated

Relying on the unique advantages of the concentrated mold CNC injection molding industry in the pearl river delta, the integration and efficient utilization of resources have doubled the production capacity of SPE column pipes, halved the cost of mold manufacturing and injection molding, and greatly improved the product quality

The company has a unique ultrafine to fine powder distribution technology, powder distribution completely in a automatic, batchable, scalable way to ensure product batch more stable

Hundreds of millions of R&D and production capacity for sieve plates and filter core have reduced the production cost of SPE to the lowest level

SPE sieve plate is completely independent, its diameter, thickness, aperture size can be selected and collocated at will

the company attaches great importance to technological innovation and continuous improvement, especially Tip SPE, sieves free panel inlaying SPE, 96-384-hole plate SPE with independent intellectual property rights, which fills the gap in China and reaches the world-class level, reflecting the unique advantages of B&M Life Science in the SPE field.


Product advantages:

Easy to operate, under the action of natural gravity can achieve excellent velocity range and good reproducibility

It can save the cost of equipment and consumables greatly without SPE and vacuum equipment

clean sorbent with no interference from blank background

high recycle rate of 10~100ppm was in the best range of 95%~105%

With large adsorption capacity, it is superior to other SPE column brands in China

stable product quality, good reproducibility, load relative standard deviation (RSD) < 5%

Not afraid of dry column.Dry and wet flow are the same within the error range, relative standard deviation (RSD) < 0.05%

our products are completely at the same quality level as Waters /Agilent/ Supelco and other companies

The cost performance rate of our products is among the best in the world




Widely used in soil;Oil;Body fluids (plasma/urine, etc.);Food and so on

Quality commitment:

Ensure that every product is qualified, adopt strict quality control standards, implement batch inspection

Ensure that each product has no blank interference, the rate of recovery is better than the national regulations, to reach the highest level of similar products

Performance pledges:

Provide professional technical support for free



Classification of SPE column


Polymer matrix series SPE

With spherical polymer as adsorbent, sorbent particle size is more uniform, SPE column flow rate is more stable, which is the classical polymer column in the laboratory, the whole series of products have been widely used in food testing. Products are equivalent to Waters’ HLBS, MAX’s and MCX’s.


Silica gel matrix series SPE

Classic silica gel matrix SPE column, amorphous/spherical adsorbent, with high cost performance and good user experience by the customer trust.The products are widely used in chemical analysis.


Tip extraction/purification/concentration of SPE

it is a spear pipetting device with function is applied for extract/purification enrichment biological samples or the Tip of SPE, objective product pipetting spear top add some C4 / C18 / silicon powder/magnetic beads/ProtingA (G) agarose gel sorbent, used for primer/genomic DNA plasmid PCR products/peptide protein/antibodies to target product/filter/extraction/desalting/purification/enrichment.


96/384-hole plate series SPE

The 96/384-well plate series SPE developed specifically for high-throughput sample pretreatment.Complete the sample pre-processing process with the company’s orifice filter or automatic workstation.


Special detection series SPE

Azo dye special detection column: choose ultra-pure diatomite filler;Special sieve-plate flow rate control technology, through the domestic and foreign authoritative institutions testing, OEM supply.


In addition, there are graphitized carbon black, acid alkali neutral alumina, coconut shell activated carbon, honey detection column, leather decolorization column, plasticizer detection column……SPE column, more SPE products please inquire.



Steps (take Tip SPE as an example) :

The operation is slightly different depending on the retention mechanism of sorbent with adsorption of target products or impurities

1. The sorbent adsorbs the target product, removes impurities and eludes the target product



loading sample   cleaning, rejection washing, elution

This type of solid phase extraction operation generally has four steps:

(1) activation — removal of impurities in Tip SPE and generation of certain solvent environment;

(2) load sample — dissolve the sample in a certain solvent, use pipette to inhale the Tip SPE and keep the components on the Tip;

(3) leaching – maximum removal of impurities and other non-target products;

(4) elution – elution and collection of the target product with a small volume of solvent.


2. The sorbent adsorbs impurities and removes the target product


Adsorb impurities on the sample and expel the target product

This type of solid phase extraction usually has three steps:

(1). Activation — remove impurities in Tip SPE and generate a certain solvent environment.

(2)  loading sample — inhale Tip SPE with pipette and then slowly blow it out. At this time, most of the target compounds will be blown out with the sample base solution, and impurities will be retained on Tip. Therefore, the steps should be started to collect.

(3) Elution — eluting the components with a small volume of solvent and collecting, combining the collection liquid.


More specifications or personalized customizations, welcome all new and old customers to inquire, discuss cooperation, seek common development!

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